State Personnel Board Appeals

State Personnel Board Appeals

State Personnel Board

Mr. Chang represents public employees in the following procedures before the State Personnel Board.

Filing Appeal to the State Personnel Board
Adverse Action/Disciplinary Action
Pre-Hearing Settlement Conference
Evidentiary Hearings
Constructive Medical Termination
Civil Service Examination Appeal
Merit Issue Complaint
Nonpunitive Termination/Demotion/Transfer
Rejection During Probation
Request to File Charges
Termination of Limited Examination and Appointment Program
Termination of Career Executive Assignment (CEA) Appointment
Withhold From Certification
Disability Discrimination Complaints
Whistleblower Retaliation Complaints

There are strict deadlines that can be very short. It is imperative that you file your appeal before the expiration of the deadline or your rights can be lost forever.

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