Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is a form of discrimination based on sex/gender (including pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions).

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Sexual harassment is a form of discrimination based on sex/gender (including pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions), gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation. Individuals of any gender can be the target of sexual harassment. Unlawful sexual harassment does not have to be motivated by sexual desire. Sexual harassment may involve harassment of a person of the same gender as the harasser, regardless of either person’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

There are two types of sexual harassment:

“Quid pro quo” (Latin for “this for that”) sexual harassment is when someone conditions a job, promotion, or other work benefit on your
submission to sexual advances or other conduct based on sex.

“Hostile work environment” sexual harassment occurs when unwelcome comments or conduct based on sex unreasonably interfere with your
work performance or create an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment. You may experience sexual harassment even if the offensive conduct was not aimed directly at you.

Some examples of Sexual Harassment:
Unwanted sexual advances
Offering employment benefits in exchange for sexual favors
Leering; gestures; or displaying sexually suggestive objects, pictures, cartoons, or posters, text messages, emails
Derogatory comments, epithets, slurs, or jokes
Graphic comments, sexually degrading words, or suggestive or obscene messages or invitations
Physical touching or assault, as well as impeding or blocking movements
Hostility in retaliation for rejecting advances or sexual interest.

Mr. Chang has successfully represented clients in sexual harassment cases and obtained six and seven figure settlements in those cases.

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