Calvin Chang, Esq.
Mr. Chang’s practice areas include litigating claims on behalf of individuals for employment discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and civil rights. Mr. Chang has also prosecuted cases under the Ralph Civil Rights Act for cases of hate violence.
Mr. Chang has over two decades of experience in the public sector, including over fifteen years as a sworn peace officer, including as a patrol officer, investigator, supervising investigator, special agent, and senior special agent. Mr. Chang served for more than a decade on a United States Attorney’s Law Enforcement Task Force. Mr. Chang was formerly a senior special agent for one of the largest law enforcement agencies. He has also supervised a team of investigators, conducting internal affairs, and equal employment opportunity investigations.
Mr. Chang was previously Chief Executive Officer of National Flare Company, Inc. At National Flare, Mr. Chang developed, patented, and manufactured, a new safety device for road flares that reduced the number of end user injuries previously associated with the industry standard.
Mr. Chang received his Juris Doctor from Concord Law School where he was a distinguished scholar and distinguished Oral Advocate in a Plaintiff’s ADA case. Mr. Chang received his BA in Political Science at the University of California at Davis, and a Masters in Criminal Justice at Boston University.

G. Eric Lambdin, Esq.
Of counsel
Mr. Lambdin represents workers and professionals who have been the victims of wrongful termination, harassment, and or discrimination. He also represents workers and professionals to recover unpaid wages and benefits from employers. Mr. Lambdin brings to the table negotiating skills and legal advocacy learned in the time-honored tradition of trial-by-fire. He started his own practice directly after passing the bar exam fighting for a hospitality worker that had been robbed of hundreds of thousands of dollars in regular and overtime wages. From there he has gone on to represent employees from the trucking, food service, construction, shipping, postal workers, and workers from the state public sectors.

Mr. Lambdin understands business. He holds a BS in Accounting from the University of Southern California, received his JD from Concord University School of Law, and worked for several large public and private corporations in the fields of real estate development, construction, finance, and public accountancy (Big Six) before becoming an attorney. This real-world experience from inside the company, and its books, gives Mr. Lambdin exceptional perception into what can and cannot be done when negotiations get really tough. In some cases, his understanding of the inner-workings of board rooms leads to rapid and successful settlement. In other cases his experience aids in the tough decision to proceed to litigation.